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Invisalign, Clear Braces Orthodontist


The Invisalign, Clear Braces Orthodontist is here in San Diego for you.

Affordable Clear aligners – In some cases a much more affordable orthodontic option is available with clear aligners.  Clear aligners is not for every patient, Therefore a Consult with a qualified orthodontics Specialist is necessary in order to achieve the smile you are looking for. 

Dr. Abi has the experience and knowledge with the highest Dental  technology available at Great Smile dental  to provide the utmost professional dental care  you deserve. Whether its a simple case or a complicated rehabilitation case, Dr Abi and team members are ready to make you smile with confidence. Patients love the commodity and convenience of clear aligners. We are sure you will as well.

The earlier in life we take care of aligning our teeth, the better. That is why your General dentist or Pediatric dentist are always in the look of any discrepancy in development growth pattern and if so, they send you to us.

For those who are too late and are not candidates for clear aligners, we offer Clear braces and Traditional orthodontic treatment to bring back the smile you deserve.

If you are ready and committed to change your life , We are here to be part of that  big step. Call for your appointment today.Let our family take care of yours. 858-589-5842

Payment plans and other financial options are available for you.

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