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Crown and Bridge


  • A crown is a complete coverage for a cracked or a broken tooth which compromises the integrity of that tooth.
  • A bridge is a fixed prosthesis to permanently replace a missing tooth. In our office, We use metal free crown and bridge.
  • At Great Dental Smiles in Clairemont Mesa San Diego, we know the kind of pain and discomfort cracked or broken tooth causes. Through professional dentistry by Dr. Abi, we reshape your teeth and restore your smile. We use the latest porcelain veneers procedures to create a uniform and white smile, correct crooked and mis-sharpened teeth, deal with severely stained and discolored teeth as well as fill unwanted spaces. We also correct teeth that are worn out, chipped, larger or smaller than others to make them even using a crown.
  • Do you have missing teeth that make it difficult to consume cold or hot stuff, talk or you simply want to fill the gap? Visit Dr. Abi at the best dental clinic in Clairemont Mesa San Diego for partial dental bridges and a permanent solution. Within two visits- one for preparation and the other for fixing, your gaps will be filled. The bridges are permanent and customized to fit your gap. At Great Dental Smiles, we use the latest procedures involving metal free crowns and bridges to avoid over reaction.

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