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Dentistry for Adults and Children


Yes, Dentistry for adults and children is here to stay. Taking care of your family’s teeth is very important – At Great Smile, we have experience in dealing with all family members starting at the age of 3 and above.

Our expertise with kids is very attentive and it’s taken with great care.

Our greatest mission is to prevent problems before they occur, more so with young kids.

Our services include sealants, fluoride treatment, regular cleaning and regular check ups.

At Great Dental Smiles, we believe that good overall dental hygiene begins when one is young. This is why we provide comprehensive family and pediatric dentistry in Clairemont Mesa San Diego. Dr. Abi  and Dr. Reeves are experts in dealing with kids. They ensures that your child’s experience at the clinic will motivate them to work towards better overall oral health in future.

We understand that kids are delicate and thus are attentive to their concerns and treat them with great care. Some of the services we provide to children from 3 years and above include fluoride treatment, sealants, regular checkup and regular cleaning, among others. We also offer emergency pediatric dentistry to relief the pain and discomfort in the child within the shortest time. This will give your entire family beautiful smiles and overall good dental hygiene.

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