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  • We use a special filling material made out of a composite resin to replace the defected and decayed part of a tooth.
  • It does not help to attract all the attention because of colors in your mouth. Tooth colored fillings in San Diego use resin whose color is similar to that of your natural teeth. No one will ever notice or question the fact that your teeth have been filled.
  • Great Dental Smiles in Clairemont Mesa San Diego uses tooth colored fillings to solve such problems as chipping and decay. Using composite material that is similar to the color of your tooth saves you from the trouble of using metallic looking substances. The method can be used on both back and front teeth. With this filling, you can comfortably chew even on the hardest foods since the tooth is no longer sensitive or painful.
  • We provide you with all the information you need about all other procedures and options. Because the resin takes a few minutes to dry, you will leave with your white and restored teeth in a flash. Using the latest technology and procedure, we restore the original strength of your tooth by up to 90%. We offer a chance to reclaim your white and bright smile.

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