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  • Our orthodontics treatment leverages a set of clear trays known as invisalign which are very easy to use. The patient can take the tray out, clean the teeth, then put them back on and thereby avoid the look of conventional metal braces throughout the duration of the treatment.
  • Crooked teeth cause a lot of problems when smiling or in social gatherings. They may even affect your speech. Dr. Daoud is the invisalign specialist in Clairemont Mesa San Diego who provides the latest procedure using clear invisaligns throughout the duration of treatment. With over a decade and a half experience in cosmetic dentistry, Great Dental Smiles clinic provides the clear tray that can be removed when eating or cleaning your teeth for comfort purposes.
  • The invisalign dentist in Clairemont Mesa San Diego provides the clear and unnoticeable invisaligns in place of the overbearing metal braces. Your teeth will be straightened over a period of time without anyone noticing or metallic braces interfering with your smile or speech. As the elite cosmetic dentist in San Diego, we provide a solution to crowded, overlapping and poorly spaced teeth. With numerous cases already handled, you can rely on our experience and expertise to provide a lasting and comfortable solution.
  • The invisaligns are produced using 3D technology that is accurate and highly reliable. They dimensions of the invisaligns are adjusted from time to time to make them more effective. Dr. Daoud has the commitment, knowledge, tools and expertise to realign your smile with invisaligns in Clairemont Mesa San Diego.

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