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Preventive Care


  • After analyzing your oral health, we prepare customized special programs for you on how to brush and floss your teeth. We will also guide you through if any special care is needed.
  • Great Dental Smiles clinic is the place to be when you need comprehensive preventive oral care. Dr. Abi, having been in the dental industry for many years understands the dangers you are exposed to because of poor hygiene. She will analyze your oral health situation, develop a personalized dental preventive care plan and monitor your progress. These plans are for the entire family including children and the elderly.
  • Do you have a special scenario like missing tooth, filling, bridges, invisaligns, etc and need to still keep out of dental trouble? Dr. Abi of Great Dental Smiles in Clairemont Mesa San Diego is the person to see. You will be guided on how to brush as well as floss your mouth in order to keep it healthy.
  • We believe and have experience that preventive dental care is the basis of general oral hygiene. Through regular examination and recommendations, we guarantee the entire family good oral hygiene. This will keep their teeth intact, white, strong and properly aligned. The chances of emergency dental cases are seriously diminished. We use the latest technology and our experience in dental affairs to provide a comprehensive preventive care dental solution at an affordable price in San Diego.

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