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Root Canal Treatment


  • Root canal treatment is often needed as a result of a large decay or trauma to the tooth which may or may not cause breakage. In this event, we remove the nerve and replace it with the filling material to get rid of the pain without having to remove the tooth.
  • When a large part of your tooth has decayed or experiences trauma, cosmetic dentist in Clairemont Mesa San Diego recommend root canal treatment. Root canal dentist in San Diego cuts the nerves from your tooth and replaces it with filler material. This is a safe and recommended way to deal with pain permanently without removing the tooth.
  • Great Dental Smiles root canal treatment clinic in Clairemont Mesa San Diego provides a solution to cracked and fractured teeth, teeth with cavities, teeth worn out due to clenching and grinding as well as damages due to filling or crowns. We will numb your tooth in a hygienic and permanent way to ensure that the pain does not recur. Using her experience, Dr. Abi protects your tooth from infections. This procedure allows you to continue with normal oral activities as if you still have your natural teeth.
  • With a root canal treatment specialist in San Diego, the infection that could be causing pain is also dealt with. The procedure is done in a comfortable environment and using local anesthesia. We will monitor your progress immediately after the procedure to ensure that progress is as envisaged. Payments are reasonable with the option of using insurance where applicable.

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