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  • In case of a missing tooth and the rest of the teeth are healthy to avoid grinding down the adjacent teeth as done in case of a bridge, we place a titanium implant which simulate the root part of a natural tooth then we attach a crown on top of it , patients love implants as it feels and functions like a normal tooth.
  • A missing tooth will leave a gap that bothers you while you eat or perform other oral duties. The space will cause adjacent teeth to grind. Dental implants in San Diego involve replacement of the root canal with a titanium root that acts like the natural root of your tooth. We then attach a crown over it. This method gives you a tooth like your natural one, only that it is free of ever feeling pain. The implant allows you to perform your normal oral duties as if you have your natural teeth.
  • Since the procedure is permanent, you need a specialist dental implant dentist in Clairemont Mesa San Diego. This is a professional who pays attention to details and uses the latest technology during implants.  The implant will not interfere with the adjacent teeth. The implant will replace a single tooth, several teeth, all your teeth, ridge modification and sinus augmentation, among others.

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