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Dental implants


If you have lost a tooth, Dental implants as treatment might be what you need. Most of the teeth that are lost now days is due to periodontal disease (Infection of the gums and bone).  Therefore a Periodontist is the right specialist to take care of your gums and bone prior to replacing a tooth with an implants to make sure there is no infection at the time of implant placement.

Dr. Abi is also a Skilled Periodontist that will prepare the foundations ( Gums and Bone) in order to replace your missing tooth with an Implant free of infection.

Dental implants  are basically a replacement of the root of your tooth. This procedure is  pretty straight forward for a skilled periodontist with the right equipment and technology like Dr. Abi.

Have in mind that this procedure requires 2 fases. a surgical and a restorative. In most cases , once the implant is placed, A temporary is provided during the Integration period which takes 3-4 months. Once the implant integrates ,then the restorative takes place which will consist of 2 visits. Then a crown is placed over the implant simulating your natural tooth.

Patients who have worn dentures and now have implants, can definitely reassure you that this is very well worth the investment.


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